* Fabric Of Place  
Swaledale, North Yorkshire. 

Delighted to be invited as lead artist in this 2 year slow art residency for Chrysalis Arts. 
Click here for more info.   
2016 - 2018 

3 of my looped baskets feature in this collection purchased by a hotel in Manhattan.    ".... Brought together by basket maker Hilary Burns on behalf of the London shop the New Craftsmen, they convey a rural history of the British Isles. Each design is specific to a purpose and locale..."   2017

* Basketry, Memory and Mind. 
"...Symposium will be an international gathering of knowledge.
Delighted to be one of the invited speakers for  the symposium on Basketry, Memory and Mind at St. Andrews University.  Sessions include Materials and Design, Basketry and Therapeutic Experience, Memory and Intangible Heritage, Basketry and Maths, the Knowledge in the Basket, and Design and innovation."   2017

*Western Isles.
End of residency exhibition in Uig and then to An Lanntair arts Centre in 2017. Click here to read more about my residency - Drawing between the midges and the rain!  

Artist in residence at Sumburgh Head Lighthouse.  2016

* Newfoundland
Invited as a keynote speaker at conference ‘Using crafts to tell a story’ for the Crafts Council of  Newfoundland and Labrador
 and Intangible Cultural Heritage at Newfoundland & Labrador University.    2016

* Newfoundland
I was selected by the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador for a craft residency in Gros Morne Newfoundland, Canada.  A fantastic 6 weeks, researching their heritage, crafts and traditions. Click here to read about my residency.      2016

* Iceland
If I reach out, I could almost touch the arctic circle! I was invited to participate in ‘Managing our Natural and Cultural Heritage Assets' in Skagafjörður on the north coast of Iceland and learn how to build  a turf house at Fornverkaskolin heritage craft school. This was funded by ARCH, the  Icelandic NET programme and Erasmus plus 2016