Reviews & featured articles

* How do you use historical material to inspire you? 
Australia based Deborah Blakeley interviewed me for Zoneone Arts. Click here to read on. 

*Newfoundland -  The Island Review - Roping in the locals. Featured article about my Newfoundland Craft residency. Click here to read about moving houses with rope made from clothes, the maritime folklore 'buying the wind', and traditional Newfoundland fisherman's hand coverings with a twist! 

* Newfoundland - Old Crow Magazine.
Artist Joanne Kaar recreates traditional “house move” with rope made of clothes. Click here to read more and see archive photos of house moves over ice and through sea. 

*Newfoundland - Intangible Cultural Heritage

Folklore connecting Caithness with Newfoundland - buying the wind.   I recorded a podcast with Dale Jarvis at the Memorial University, in St. Johns Newfoundland.  Click here to listen.

Invited as a keynote speaker at conference ‘Using crafts to tell a story’ for the Crafts Council of  Newfoundland and Labrador and Intangible Cultural Heritage at Newfoundland & Labrador University. 

*UK - Strathnaver Museum 

Celebrating the Gaelic bard, Rob Donn. Click here to read about the artwork I created and it's inspiration: The Missing Trousers!  

* UK - Radical Craft

The first UK touring exhibition of international outsider crafts.   I was invited to represent the work of Angus Macphee (Angus weaver of grass).

*A Story on the Artist

Click here to read: A story on Joanne B Kaar's work Sea area Fair Isle and the processes behind it. This work was exhibited as part of Highland Print Studio's show, 'Mirror Images'.

*Drawing between the midges and the rain.  Western Isles residency. Click here to read about it on An Lanntair Art Centres website.

*The afterlife of a museum object.

Click here to read this feature about my concealed shoe project.

*Caithness artist finds inspiration in Soviet-era labels.

Click here to read more! 

*Artists and museums unite to create Iconic Places. Click here to read more about the Iconic Artists in Iconic Places award I received from Creative Scotland and Museum Galleries Scotland.

*Thurso museum volunteers make exciting discovery. Click here to read about what I found!

* "If you see one piece of theatre this year, see this."
Mandy Haggith reviews the play 'Angus Weaver of Grass' by Horse and Bamboo Theatre. Joanne B Kaar made the grass garments for the production. Click here to read the review in full. 2012 and 2013 to sell out shows.

* “....Joanne’s passion for her subject is evident in the scale and breath of work on display within this exhibition...”  
Click here to read in full what Craft Scotland’s Rebecca Davis had to say about ‘Paper Wrappers & Herbarium Sheets’ in Caithness Horizons. 2011

* Helen O’Connor from the Yukon reflects on the international papermakers gathering in Caithness organised by Joanne B Kaar. Click here to read more. 2011

* “…This is art with a purpose and it is rare...”  

George Gun reviews ‘The Westland”, a collaboration with New Zealand Artist  Lynn Taylor. Click here to read in full.  2009

* “...such a project makes us all  examine our own place in the world with fresh eyes...”
Georgina Coburn review ‘Journeys’ Click here to read in full.  Durness Development Group artist residency.  2006

*Postcard SEA Opening Night exceeds all expectations!

".... the hall already full, people outside, and still they kept coming, endless streams of them, from out of nowhere, and it wasn't even 7pm yet (official open time)!" click here to read more.  Postcard SEA -  fundraiser  2014 - we raised £4532.88